Sustainable Finance: give your feedback on the Taxonomy Technical Report

04 Jul 2019
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Sustainable Finance: Commission’s technical expert group calls for feedback on their report on Taxonomy for sustainable economic activities
The Technical Expert Group on Sustainable Finance, set up by the Commission in July 2018, has launched on 4th of July 2019 a call for feedback on their Report on Taxonomy published on 18 June 2019. This is another important step related to the EU's Action Plan on financing sustainable growth, published in March 2018. The expert group’s report follows on the Commission's May 2018 legislative proposal on a EU taxonomy. With the legislative proposal, the Commission aims to gradually develop a unified EU-wide classification system for environmentally sustainable economic activities. The ultimate aim is to contribute to more informed decisions by businesses and investors. As a first step, the expert group has been asked to advise the Commission on a taxonomy for climate change mitigation and adaptation.
With this call for feedback, the expert group asks for technical input on its Report on Taxonomy. Stakeholders are invited to comment on the proposed activities identified by the expert group that contribute substantially to climate change mitigation and adaptation and the proposed technical screening criteria. They are also called to answer questions on the usability and future development of the taxonomy. The call for feedback will close on 13 September 2019. During the autumn, the expert group will advise the Commission how to take this feedback forward in developing the future EU Taxonomy.