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Funghi Espresso: where ideas mushroom left and right

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ICESP - Italian Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

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ACCIONA Construcción

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Funghi Espresso
Funghi Espresso is an innovative startup that produces fresh mushrooms in a sustainable and natural way, using coffee grounds (coffee waste) from local bars and restaurants as a growing substance.
In addition to the production of fresh mushrooms, Funghi Espresso also specializes in the production of substrate ready for mushroom cultivation (kit).
Funghi Espresso also organizes educational and training courses for schools and training on the job to replicate the model.
Main results: 
  • The cycle starts from the coffee residues, which are collected from the bars of Tuscany.
  • The coffee grounds are used together with the coffee silver skin to produce an ideal substrate for the cultivation of mushrooms of the Pleurotus species.
  • Once the mushrooms have grown, the exhausted substrate is regenerated through worm composting for the production of earthworm humus and earthworms.
  • The humus is reused as an organic soil improver and the earthworms supplement the feeding of fish.
  • Thanks to the organic waste of fish, water can be used for the cultivation of vegetables through the hydroponic method.

The Funghi Espresso model makes it possible to produce mushrooms and an organic fertile substrate for agriculture, and as a secondary product, earthworms for fishfarming.