Close the loop in ceramic industry

TEI of Thessaly
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Chemical and Construction Materials Technology Laboratory, TEI of Thessaly
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University of Applied Sciences, Thessaly

In circular economy secondary resources (i.e. end-of-life products), the industrial side streams and wastes are the “wasted resources of today”, if they are not utilized and returned for use. The primary design strategies for residue utilization must aim to reduce, cost, waste and energy, and can be implemented with innovative production and manufacturing technologies, industrial symbiosis practices and end-use solutions across industrial sectors.

The project focused on the valorization of various types and proportions of inorganic and organic wastes as substitutes to clayey raw material. Extruded and pressed specimen produced and the quality of the produced ceramics were evaluated for their properties and the environmental impact.

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Valorization of various types of wastes as substitutes to clayey raw material. Production of ceramic bricks that:

  • are technically at least as good as the virgin materials for which they substitute;
  • have the same or better physico-mechanical properties compared to the original;
  • are environmentally acceptable causing no danger to human health;
  • have lower environmental footprint (energy saving during sintering process and life cycle of the product).