Circular Transition Indicators

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How do we know if we’re accelerating towards a circular economy if we don’t have a common methodology for measuring distance? This distance, our transition towards a circular economy, is critical in understanding where we are today and monitoring our future progress.

Since June 2018, the Factor10 Working Group of more than two dozen companies has drafted, commented, pilot tested, reviewed, redrafted and refined the enclosed methodology - Circular Transition Indicators: proposed metrics for business, by business - which combines a methodological framework and user manual for circular action plans in business.

WBCSD will also offer four webinars throughout August 2019 to present the Circular Transition Indicators, which an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the framework with the WBCSD team. Registration for any one of the webinars can be done at the link here, while feedback can be given here. After the feedback period, the Working Group will consider and process all feedback towards the next stage in the project. The final methodology and implementation tool (in development) will be published in January 2020.