With Sika's adhesive, conveyor belts can be repaired on-site to save resources and increase longevity

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Repairability is one of the most important drivers of the circular economy. In the mining sector and related industries, conveyor belts often have to be replaced entirely or taken apart for repair.

Sika, a Swiss specialty mining chemicals manufacturer, has developed a high-performance elastomer for the clean repair of the rubber substrate of conveyor belts and industrial rubber elements. This two-component “liquid rubber” is easy to mix and apply, thus allowing broken belts to be quickly recommissioned.

To see this "liquid rubber" in action, see the video below:

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  • extends the longevity of conveyor belts, thereby saving resources.
  • enables on-site repair with a special adhesive system, thus reducing downtime.
  • usable in confined spaces without power supply and vulcanising presses