Southwest Finland's circular economy roadmap

Southwest Finland
Publication Date
January, 2019
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Aleksis Klap
Pilvi Kara

In the framework of the CIRCWASTE project, Southwest Finland developed a Circular economy (CE) roadmap to implement the national waste plan and define regional objectives with concrete measures to achieve these.

The Finnish Environment Institute formed an expert network on CE, and began identifying regional strengths and special characteristics.

For Southwest Finland, stakeholders set a focus on sustainable food systems, high-tech industry, transport and logistics. Public services and knowledge exchange with industry, academia and and civil society are the overarching themes. 

The priority sectors are:

  • Construction
  • biodegradable waste
  • nutrient reuse
  • municipal waste.

Targeted training and versatile learning materials will advance CE in construction, where the strategy aims to generate less waste and increase the use of construction and demolition waste to 70%