Central European civil society planning International Circular Week 2019

Circular economy, the new concept for attaining sustainable consumption and production, will not be implemented without multisectoral and international cooperation. INNOWO, Circular Change, INCIEN Czechia, and INCIEN Slovakia are launching the International Circular Week this year to promote circular economy across countries. This International Circular Week will take place from 7 to 13 October 2019, and aims to engage all circular stakeholders in central Europe and beyond.

The organisers are open to collaboration, and welcome any entity to plan their own event for this week of circular economy in Europe. The project coordinator, INNOWO, is gathering all initiatives and placing these on an online map of events (see below), featuring them in a publicly available calendar on the dedicated website.

"IINNOWO will showcase the real possibilities this transition can yield and bring all stakeholders together to achieve one common goal – closing the loop", says Agnieszka Sznyk from the Polish Circular Hotspot / INNOWO.

"Circular economy brings new opportunities and new solutions in making our society more sustainable. One of the biggest opportunities to implement circular economy is the cooperation between cities which can make it possible to close the material loop. We need to cooperate with different stakeholders and bring sustainable solutions to new regions all across our countries. This is the reason why we are organizing our event, which will focus on cooperation between cities and making these cities more circular", reveals Ivana Maleš of the Slovak INCIEN.

"Within the International Circular Week in Brno, we organize an international conference presenting international trends in the circular economy, news in impact financing, the top Czech circular economy good practices and most importantly we will announce the Czech Circular Hotspot. The entire fair is complemented by a series of expert round tables and discussions. We believe that a visit to this year's International Engineering Fair will be an eye-opening and future-determining experience", saya Soňa Jonášová, representing INCIEN from the Czech Republic.