Towards a sustainable economy: how to make the circular economy a business model for the EU

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The circular economy is a key element in the transition to a more sustainable EU economy. Its goal is to promote eco-friendlier and more conscious consumption and production, and encourage the repair, reuse and recycling of products. As  Commission President elect Ursula von der Leyen mentioned in her Political Guidelines in July, “circular economy is key for developing Europe’s future economic model.”

EURACTIV will host a high-level Stakeholder Workshop on 4 December 2019 to discuss the EU’s circular economy policy, its current challenges and its future steps. Questions will include:

  • How can the circular economy happen faster to the benefit of all?
  • Are all Member States united behind the EU’s circular economy action plans? How do national circular economy strategies differ?
  • What are the successes and examples of best practice?
  • What is the role of industry in the implementation of the circular economy?
  • Closing the loop on plastics: what further actions are needed by policymakers and how can industry contribute with technological solutions?