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The Circular Economy in policy and scientific research

The Circular Economy in policy and scientific research

Joanna Kulczycka
Joanna Kulczycka
Publication Date: 
December, 2019

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Joanna Kulczycka

A broad selection of articles on Circular Economy and its practices in Poland collected by prof. Joanna Kulczycka. After definitions and interperatations, this work is about circular economy related issues

  • indicators in selected EU countries
  • financing of business activities
  • matching circular business models with priority sectors in Poland
  • establishing measurement for circular economy transformation and its socio-economic impacts in Poland
  • indicators in Polish regional perspective
  • assessment of material consumption
  • supporting managerial accounting instruments
  • system upgrade
  • solutions for mining and processing waste
  • sustainable consumption
  • good practices at national and international level.