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The Circular Economy in policy and scientific research

The Circular Economy in policy and scientific research

Joanna Kulczycka
Joanna Kulczycka
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Joanna Kulczycka

A broad selection of articles on Circular Economy and its practices in Poland collected by prof. Joanna Kulczycka. After definitions and interperatations, this work is about circular economy related issues

  • indicators in selected EU countries
  • financing of business activities
  • matching circular business models with priority sectors in Poland
  • establishing measurement for circular economy transformation and its socio-economic impacts in Poland
  • indicators in Polish regional perspective
  • assessment of material consumption
  • supporting managerial accounting instruments
  • system upgrade
  • solutions for mining and processing waste
  • sustainable consumption
  • good practices at national and international level.

Circular Economy Competences. Making the Case for Lifelong Learning


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Lina Klemkaite
Amaia San Cristobal

Making the transition to a circular economy requires a pressing need for new skills, competences and approaches. Education, and training have a critical role to play in delivering and updating these skills.

The Erasmus+ CYCLE project created a set of tools and resources to support adult trainers in developing and expanding their professional and educational skills in the circular economy.

The Cycle Competence Centre (CYCLE CC) is a platform where educators can find training and guidance tools in 6 languages to help them introduce circular economy in different learning environments.

Saint Francis of Assisi: rendering a religious community sustainable and circular

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Fra’ Sole is a sustainability project involving the monumental complex of Saint Francis of Assisi and its nearby areas, which has resulted in the elimination of disposable products, infrastructure for rainwater reuse and a 20% reduction in waste overall.

Polish Circular Hotspot

polish circular hotspot logo

The Polish Circular Hotspot is a public-private platform bringing together national and local government bodies with businesses, entrepreneurs, the scientific community and civil society to jointly develop and apply the concept of a circular economy in Poland.

The hotspot has begun the following activities to develop and implement circular innovations:

  • organising events (sectoral, regional, national) to analyse specific problems and legislative issues such as workshops on circular procurement for public agencies

  • assisting with drafting strategies and roadmaps while supporting the establishment of sectoral partnerships for practical circular solutions

  • networking businesses to exchange knowledge, showcase innovations and connecting Polish entrepreneurs with partners abroad, e.g. through study visits and B2B monitoring sessions with the support of the Dutch, Swedish, German, French and Danish Embassies.

  • educating those interested in the circular economy concept, for example by organising the national educational campaign ‘Polish Circular Week’

Becoming a member of the Polish Circular Hotspot enables you to work with Polish and foreign partners in building innovative solutions and exchanging best practice across sectors. The hotspot also provides its members with opportunities to shape the debate on emerging circular economy legislation and collaborate in funding projects through partnerships.