Venturis HoReCa: repurposing waste resources for the hospitality industry

Venturis Food Waste Solutions
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Monitoring food waste is the first essential step in the process of reduction. Venturis HoReCa is a group of professionals whose objective is to tackle the growing problem of food waste. They develop IT systems to help monitor structures and quantities of food waste to reduce it in kitchens and canteens.

KuMin.Sys is a monitor and a scale that registers all food movements in the kitchen according to the user's choice (e.g. categories, styles, etc.). The registering intends to enhance awareness of food utilisation, seeking prevention of food waste or excesses. Moreover, the company also provides support in advice so that its users can better interpret the data collected. Therefore, its services are summed into concrete steps, including education about using the software, action, monitoring, data interpretation and advice for future activities.

Main results
  • More rational approach to purchases of raw materials and production
  • Correcting menus: the customer learns how much food, including specific dishes and portions, are uneaten by guests/customers (including leftovers), why and when
  • Adjusting the quantity and variety of food served to specific clients
  • Answering key management questions such as: how much and what we throw away, why it is thrown away, what is the value of thrown away food, what is the level of overproduction of food, and the structure and quantity of food left on plates
  • Results of Venturis HoReCa's tests show that for hotels with up to 350 rooms, the level of potential savings by reducing food waste may reach up to EUR 400 000 per year
  • By using KuMin.Sys, the customer can easily compare units.