REC.ON creates high quality furniture from automobile parts

RE.CON lamp
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REC.ON creates products by recovering auto parts. Using a unique upcycling process, they transform used, unwanted parts of automobiles into new, high-quality, functional pieces of design, adding style and an industrial aesthetic to any interior. Moreover, they have a unique process of acquiring their materials.

Each creation is marked with an individual serial number, and the customers have the option to specify parts from their favourite car models. REC.ON  clients range from individuals to hotels, restaurants, clubs and businesses. They can choose from many available models of unique ceiling, floor or wall lamps. You will also find industrial tables, chairs or coat stands.

The environmentally friendly character of REC.ON is but one aspect of their activities – their mission is to create “socially engaged design”. Following this mission, they began cooperating with organisations, artists and people who need support – such as artists from a local community in Ghana.

Main results
  1. Innovative upcycling process
  2. Encouragement of societal engagement in business.