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ZIKOM: refurbishing IT equipment

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OMG: I've had this smartphone for a week already!

Society is getting through a lot of IT equipment, and most of it is thrown out very quickly as we move on to the next model. If at least some of this electric waste can be upgraded and made suitable for use through the circular economy, it will save huge amounts of valuable raw materials as well as helping to reduce waste.

ZIKOM is one of the largest distributors of professionally reconditioned computer equipment in Poland. Since 2003, it has established a chain of stores operating under its brand. ZIKOM has obtained the status of Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, meaning that their refurbishment process meets this company’s strict requirements – including a one-year warranty.

Main results: 
  • Significant, widespread work on saving electric waste and transforming it into new materials, ready for market
  • Significant impact on reduction of electric waste.