Versalis gives plastic a second life through recovery and recycling

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Versalis produces plastics, rubbers and chemicals from renewable sources, maintaining plastic products and materials in a closed loop. It has developed the Versalis Revive® range of polymer based products containing recycled plastics, in collaboration with leading Italian companies in the recovery and recycling of post-consumer plastic at European level.

The products' development required technological and commercial expertise within polyethylene and polystyrene industry, which has recently seen great advances. The project raises awareness on how products can be produced with recycled plastics and create high quality products. It takes into consideration the sustainability of the whole value chain, keeping the products in the circular loop. Moreover, Versalis Revive® products have an improved environmental footprint (i.e. carbon and water), compared to the traditional grades from fossil sources. The plastic secondary raw material is recovered from municipal plastic packaging waste.


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    The new line of products includes: 

    • Versalis Revive® PE, polyethylene-based compounds containing up to 75% of post-consumer recycled plastic packaging, designed for packaging films, drip irrigation pipes, industrial bags and other packaging; 
    • Versalis Revive® EPS, expandable polystyrene with up to 30% of recycled content from end-of-life products (mainly from polystyrene packaging), designed for expanded polystyrene panels for thermal insulation of buildings and protective packaging for appliances and furniture; 
    • Versalis Revive® PS, solid polystyrene-based compounds containing up to 75% of recycled solid polystyrene, designed for multiple applications such as thermal insulation, non-food packaging and household items.