Krones' commitment: Sustainable packaging solutions for a circular economy

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Krones is the world leader in filling and packaging machinery for liquid consumer staples. As such, it has a unique responsibility and capability to contribute to the emerging circular economy in Europe. It has therefore made the following commitments. (These commitments are voluntary and do not constitute or imply any legal obligations, commercially binding offers or product guarantees.)

Commitment Targets
Other (rPET Compatibility)
To be achieved by:

By 2025, all new PET bottling lines will be suitable for processing up to 100% high-quality rPET without compromising output quality, efficiency or effectiveness.

Other (Plastic-free secondary packaging)
To be achieved by:

By 2022, alternative secondary packaging solutions free of disposable plastics will be available for every established SKU format multipack.

Other (Advisory for recycling-friendly packaging design)
Start Date:

Krones will leverage its technological expertise to help customers design packaging that specifically facilitates post-consumer recycling.

Other (Upgrading from linear to circular economy)
Start Date:

Krones will assist its customers to adapt existing lines in order to achieve the best possible outcomes when using recycled or renewable input materials.

Other (Tethered caps)
Start Date:

With immediate effect, Krones will make available capping equipment for tethered caps.

Other (Sustainable labelling)
Start Date:

Krones makes it possible to use detachable labels to enhance recyclability. It aims to make labels jointly recyclable with containers or to eliminate separate labelling.

Other (Investing in recycling solutions)
Start Date:

Krones will continue to allocate substantial R&D resources to its recycling technology division in order to facilitate physical recycling of post-consumer plastics.

Other (Beyond PET packaging)
Start Date:

Krones will actively explore disruptive new technologies delivering beverages to consumers without conventional PET packaging (e.g. pulp bottles, no-packaging solutions).

Legal requirements and expected outperformance

Krones' targets are in line with the objectives of the European Strategy for Plastics in a Circular Economy which came into effect in 2018. Krones will help its customers to comply with many compulsory requirements such as the introduction of tethered caps for disposable bottles. Furthermore, solutions like plastic-free secondary packaging contribute to a more sustainable future in a way that exceeds mere regulatory demands.

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