CiLAB collective creates new circular concepts on textile and furniture waste CiLAB and VOMO
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Jan Merckx

The CiLAB collective is an initiative of three activists in the circular textile economy. Its aim is to bring awareness and knowledge on transition to the circular economy by doing. A textile atelier was started by taking over seven second-hand machines. 

The first phase consists of finding solutions to brands' waste streams. For doing this they engage young people, mostly students in order build on a community focused on sustainable future.

Apart from brands, they are also working with designers. They are supporting the United Fashion (Mad Brussels) initiative creating a collection for three amazing designers, as an example.

CiLAB collective also supports schools. Together with the students for furniture design (VOMO) the CiLAB collective started a journey creating new circular concepts based on textile and furniture waste.

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One of the completed projects was realised with VOMO, a bachelor-after-bachelor programme for furniture design students at the Thomas More school in Mechelen. A group of around 20 design students were tasked with creating furniture based on minimum 50% textile waste. The concept was to be circular, facilitating awareness and linking to the local community of Mechelen.

Seven projects were developed. A physical event was organised to show and validate the concepts. The next phase will be to bring all these concepts alive and integrate them into the circular roadmap of the city, together with the city. These prototypes will be further implemented and linked to the cities' circular roadmap for textiles.