Recycled and compostable polymer biocomposites by Trifilon

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The leading Swedish biocomposite maker Trifilon has three material families, each with a sustainability focus:

  1. BioLite® mixes food safe polypropylene with plant fibers to reduce weight, improve mechanical properties and lower CO2 footprint. The long technical bast fibers of plants like industrial hemp are typically used in BioLite to reinforce polypropylene. This biocomposite is highly versatile, both mechanically and aesthetically as it works with standard injection molding machines. The natural fibers reduce the CO2 footprint significantly. To know more about the benefits of Trifilon Biolite®, click here.
  2. Switch® again takes all the main ingredients from plants and is compostable. A starch-based polyester is reinforced with fibers from long-bast plants like industrial hemp whose fibers can make up 10 to 20% of standard recipes. The bio-based polyester is derived from plants like sugarcane, corn, or beet-root. Switch biocomposites can be recycled and decomposed in industrial composting. To know more about the benefits of Trifilon Switch®, click here.
  3. Finally Revo® uses recycled polypropylene with plant fibers and aims at a CO2-neutral footprint. The polypropylene in Revo biocomposites is recycled. It comes from highly-consistent industrial waste streams in northern Europe and is reinforced with natural fibers like hemp and wood cellulose. Depending on the end-of-life scenario, the carbon accounting for products made with Revo can show a net zero footprint due to the sequestration-effect of the plant fiber. To know more about the benefits of Trifilon Revo®, click here.
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The Trifilon approach allows for efficient reuse of waste-plastic streams to be employed in applications such as: vehicle components, clothing hangers, luggage, kitchen containers and cosmetic packaging. Specifically:

  • BioLite® reduces CO2 footprint by 20-60% compared to standard polyolefins
  • Switch® matches an important circularity narrative
  • Revo® has high recycled and bio content and it matches important circularity narrative, too.