Pluumo: A reusable thermal packaging material made from surplus feathers

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United Kingdom
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Ask any passing duck: feathers are good insulators

After washing and cleaning, Pluumo transforms the feathers into a textile used for packaging. Current thermal packaging is dominated by environmentally-damaging products such as polystyrene, derived from petroleum resources and taking hundreds of years to degrade. By using surplus feathers cleaned to hypo-allergenic standards, Pluumo does not deplete non-renewable resources and, as its other components are also biodegradable (a compostable binder and an outer film made of starch-based material), it has vastly improved end-of-life options. Pluumo has been designed to match the performance of other leading insulation materials such as polystyrene.

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  • Pluumo is totally compostable, as the majority of it is made of a natural material (feathers) and the remaining materials are certified as compostable as per EN13432.
  • The company’s recycling programme not only reuses materials, but decreases the need to make new packaging
  • Customers can send used liners back to Pluumo (who also pay for the return postage), or drop them off at one of 7 400 locations in the UK, to continue their life cycle as the used materials are reprocessed into new liners.