C2C ExpoLAB: Venlo city hall

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Holland Circular Hotspot

C2C ExpoLAB is a consultancy firm which specialises in the practical application of Cradle to Cradle (C2C) principles in the built environment and enables its clients to exploit the circular economy concept

One of C2C ExpoLAB's projects was Venlo city hall. The city of Venlo opened its new city hall in 2016, designed according to cradle-to-cradle principles. The result is a healthy working environment, combined with sustainable innovation. Raw materials and parts have a ‘passport’, detailing their production and origin. The building is therefore in essence a huge raw-materials databank. When a service or product reaches the end of its useful life, these materials can easily be retrieved for high-grade reuse.

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  • During the tender phase, the municipality of Venlo selected a design vision instead of a detailed plan. This method led to the creation of a team of people who were in the right circular mindset. The group was also willing to make Venlo's C2C and circular ambitions a reality.
  • C2C ExpoLAB is also involved in various projects at home and abroad.