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Follow a MOOC on Organizing for Sustainability: A guide for developing new business models

Organizing for Sustainability

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This MOOC (massive open online course) provides a structured approach to developing a sustainable business model. It consists of seven chapters, each based on five units, which address specific elements of developing a business model. The Business Model Template is a practice-oriented tool to help make sustainable, community-based or circular business models.

The MOOC is designed in a step-by-step manner, following the structure of the book, which consists of three stages and ten building blocks. Each unit starts with a short introduction, after which a concise central video is provided, followed by (if available) various assignments, some multiple-choice questions for a self-test and finally some additional material.

Each unit indicates how it is linked to a specific chapter and/or paragraph of the book. When it comes to key choices, such as choosing a business model archetype, additional units and a case study have been provided to help make the right choice. In addition to the seven chapters, an eighth chapter is provided with ten tools that can be used while elaborating the various assignments found throughout the chapters.

The MOOC is self-paced, to be followed in one's own time, faster or slower depending on the time available and on particular circumstances. Moreover, it is possible to 'jump' through the MOOC – there is no 'forced' order of things. The MOOC can be followed individually, but it can more fun to work on the various assignments as part of a team.

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