Advances in the collection and sorting technologies for flexible packaging

Achieving circularity for plastics and meeting ambitious plastic waste reduction goals is a complex mission. Flexible plastic packaging is a growing and challenging segment of the plastic stream that needs its own strategies and investments to move forward. Learning about new approaches and policies, how innovative technologies are being applied and the lessons learned from deploying them will foster solutions for tackling circularity challenges in this segment of the packaging industry.

The European Union’s project on Reducing Plastic Waste is pleased to host this webinar series. Following our first webinar on roadmaps, this webinar on Advances in collection and sorting technologies for flexible packaging will explore the implementation of these roadmaps by examining the systems components that are helping drive on the collection and sorting of flexible packaging.

The speakers will cover the following topics:

  • trends and drivers for increased collection
  • technical requirements and technologies influencing capture rates
  • sorting efficiency and commodity grades
  • the role of long-term contracts, outputs and markets.

Register and join the webinar on 18 May at 17:00 - 18:30 CEST to find out how leaders are creating circularity for flexible plastics.