Cittadinanzattiva's initiatives to favour a transition to the circular economy

The activities carried out as part of the Cittadinanzattiva project include:

  • providing training on circular economy issues for 200 Association members who pass this knowledge on at local level
  • organising multistakeholder webinars open to the public to raise awareness of the circular economy
  • activities for the younger generation, such as online challenges encouraging proper sorting (particularly of oils and WEEE) and reuse (promoting the reuse market)
  • content conveyed through a social media campaign and video interviews
  • organising local waste collection competitions, to be carried out in combination with sports events to increase their impact.

Achievements include:

  • involving 10 cities and about 400 individuals in digital tours to talk about how to produce, consume and live sustainably
  • 1 free e-learning course with about 250 participants
  • 100 businesses, both profit and nonprofit, surveyed as good examples of sustainability and the circular economy
  • 6 stories told by entrepreneurs in video interviews
  • 24 municipal administrations involved in circular or sustainable dialogue or agreements
  • 23 managers of local public services, 42 businesses and 3 universities involved in circular or sustainable dialogue.