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Discussing the Social Impacts of Circularity

Discussing the Social Impacts of Circularity

Social Impact Report


Rosalyn Old, Isabelle Rumpenhorst, Imke Schmidt, Raymond Slaughter
Publication Date: 
June, 2022

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Circularity offers pathways to achieve a more sustainable production and consumption and to provide benefits to society. Although sustainability entails an ecological, economic, and a social dimension, the discourse on social aspects seems to have been less prevalent than on economic and environmental ones. Hence the need to further explore the social impacts of circularity and its potential societal benefits.

The aim of this report is to frame, address and better understand questions related to the social impacts of the transition to a Circular Economy. The report synthesises the gathered insights into key emerging themes and identifies gaps or areas of potential in the field as part of the Consumer Insight Action Panel (CIAP) project, led by the CSCP and funded by Sitra and DBU.