Construction and Infrastructure: Circular opportunities in buildings and infrastructure

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Buildings and infrastructure play an undeniably crucial role in our wellbeing, health and safety. They provide us with the basic structures we depend on to enjoy our lives, through the homes we live in, the offices we work at, and the roads and railways we travel by. However, the sector accounts for 50% of extracted resources and 40% of carbon emissions. The good news is: circular European solutions exist across the entire value chain and they can significantly contribute to a climate-neutral future. These solutions can inspire the world and create opportunities for EU frontrunners.

This workshop brought together experts from various organisations to discuss topics like the undervalued importance of infrastructure in tackling climate change, discuss the markets for secondary resources, the relevance of deconstruction design to enable the renovation wave, and stress value-chains collaboration. But we will also hear from four young professionals about their journey with circular economy in the construction sector.


  • Freek van Eijk - Director, Holland Circular Hotspot - Moderator 
  • Kestutis Sadauskas - Director for Circular Economy and Green Growth and the European Commission (DG ENV), Keynote speaker 
  • Dr. Anna Braune - German Sustainable Building Council
  • Laura Cutaia - ENEA Italy 
  • Jessica Reis Leffers - Rijkswaterstaat 
  • Dominik Campanella - Concular/Restado 
  • Emanuel Falappa - RiceHouse 
  • Wies van Lieshout - Waterweg 
  • Johannes Kisser - Alchemia nova 
  • Gonzalo Sanchez - European Environmental Bureau 
  • Fernando Sigchos - European Builders Confederation 
  • Sabine Oberhuber - Turntoo

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