Pledge by:

Confederation of Danish Industry (DI)

Plastic materials:

  • LDPE
  • HDPE
  • PP
  • EPS
  • PS
  • PET
  • PVC
  • PU
  • ABS
  • PA
  • Others: Other
Summary of the pledge
DI represents a broad range of companies in Denmark, and has collected pledges for use of recycled plastics across multiple industries, and we are pledging a total of 202.412 tons recycled plastics used in 2025.
The plastics industry is the largest contributor to this pledge, but also the food industry, the personal hygiene industry, the packaging industry and others are part of the initiative. We estimate that this pledge is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to demand for recycled plastics in Denmark in the coming years.

Conditions for meeting the pledges
  • Security of supply: Availability of recycled plastics at a reasonable price.
  • Quality: Quality in terms of color, odor and robustness are paramount.
  • Technology: Knowledge of the properties of the materials as well as new uses of materials may change the amounts of plastics used.
Secondary pledge

Other initiatives to reach the goal of a circular use of plastics:
  • A design manual for reuse and recycling of plastic packaging for private use.
  • Denmark has a deposit system for beverage containers that delivers a 90% return rate, and 100% recycling of the plastics in the system.
  • Different sectors within the food industry have traditionally used large plastic crates to transport their products, particularly to and from retailers. This works in a “deposit like” system. The crates have a lifespan of 10-15 years, and the plastic can be recycled after use.

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