VITO introduces entrepreneurs and students to 'Risk&Race' - the game of entrepreneurship in a circular economy

By playing
Target audience

Risk&RACE is a board game designed to encourage an entrepreneurial mindset and introduce players to the benefits and challenges of a circular economy. It is a good example of circular educational tools, as its players learn about circular economy business models. The target audience is industry professionals, entrepreneurs and students.

During the game, players play the role of entrepreneurs. They buy resources, manage their employees and produce and sell products on the market. External factors affect market demand, price and availability of resources and legislative requirements. Players have opportunities to invest in infrastructure, technological innovation, human resources and business strategies to strengthen their company and remain profitable.

While playing the game, players should learn:

  • about the difference between linear and circular business models
  • circular economy strategies, such as circular product design, recycling and remanufacturing
  • circular business models, such as pay-per-use, take-back systems and life-time extension
  • the effects of investments on their business performance and resilience against external events.