Circular architecture: RAU makes brand new buildings from recycled building materials

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Architects' office RAU focuses on designing sustainable buildings. It has designed buildings in the public and private sectors, using an integrated design methodology.

The buildings are brand new and look it, but in fact 80% of all the materials used have been recovered from other buildings. What's more, all the new materials are recyclable so that up to 93% of existing buildings can be recovered.

An example: RAU has designed the first large-scale, 100% wooden and re-mountable construction of its kind, with a minimal CO2 footprint, for Triodos Bank. Its energy surplus is shared with surrounding buildings. The raw materials have been reused and documented in a raw materials passport throughout the construction process. Lastly, rainwater is collected for cooling and for flushing toilets, so the building complies with an impressive number of circular economy practices.

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  • Maximising the reuse of building materials
  • Contributing to the adoption of circular practices in architecture
  • Constructing with a minimal CO2 footprint