Italian design with maestria: these stylish pieces of furniture are modular, repairable, recyclable

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Giorgio Caporaso
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Lessmore, the Italian ecodesign brand, produces and trades a collection of furnishings and accessories designed to ensure maximal repairability and recyclability, and minimal environmental impact.

These furnishings and accessories are designed by architect Giorgio Caporaso, using innovative combinations of materials and simple and interchangeable solutions.

All items in the Ecodesign line are made out of a special kind of cardboard, ecological and recyclable. Those pieces of eco-design marry sustainability and design in a clever way and at the right cost. These systems do not require high maintenance: each module can easily be repaired or replaced at a low cost.

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  • Different materials are combined together to create durable products
  • the materials are often already recycled or FSC certified
  • the nature of the project is deeply eco-sustainable: most of the elements used are interlocked together or screwed or glued to produce single material, which makes it easier a) to carry out maintenance and repairs over time, b) to lengthen their life cycle considerably and c) to cope with the concept of planned short-term obsolescence
  • architect Caporaso has devised an innovative concept where only the finishes and colours of the products are replaced, without replacing the whole product, but only the external "skin". In this way the materials can be broken down, disassembled and recycled, and then reinserted into a different production cycle.