TailoredTile reinvents wall decoration

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TailoredTile is a brand set up by architect Ana Rita Rodrigues and industrial chemist Bruno Campos. It creates decorative tile pieces made of recovered plastic from Marinha Grande (Portugal).

Tilegram is a piece made of recycled plastic, mainly waste from the plastic industry. Each tilegram contains 100 grammes of recycled plastic.The decorative tile blocks can be glued by using bi-adhesive tape, thus allowing renovation of spaces without damaging the walls. The company further promotes circular economy by accepting used tilegrams in exchange of purchase discounts, as this material can be crushed and shaped more than once.

The possibility to create product colours is infinite and unique. By using the In-Mold Labelling technique, it is possible to place the desired image or logo on a TailoredTile tilegram.

Main results
  • Contribution to circular economy practices
  • Development of innovative techniques to tackle plastic waste.