Ultra thin White Topping: durable and resource-efficient solution for asphalt roads

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White Topping is used to harden damaged asphalt surfaces. By placing a layer of cement thinner than 200 mm on top of any surfaces that continue to have the necessary carry strength for traffic, governments and infrastructure companies can improve road facilities cheaply and with fewer resources.

In the Netherlands, Schagen Infra BV began experimenting with Ultra Thin White Topping in 2018. This type, thinner than 100 mm, enables mixing in steel and other man-made fibres to strengthen the residual stress capacity of the material, thus improving its performance as well.

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  • Across the world, previous pilots using White Topping have shown the process exceed its expected lifetime of 20 years by at least a decade, meaning fewer renovations are necessary.
  • With its N576 pilot in Overijssel, Schagen was able to renovate the cycle path between Raalte en Wijhe using 25% less cement by mixing in 3 kg of basalt fibers per m2.
  • In the Frysland pilots between Leeuwarden and Tysk, Schagen Infra was able to reduce cement use by 37% using a cement mix that includes two steel fibres.
  • The UTWT pilot mixes developed by Schagen Infra are fully recycleable.