The reality of plastics: myths and truths

Los plasticos: mitos y verdades

The reality of plastics: myths and truths
Elena Ruiz, Tania Fernández and Raquel Canales
Publication Date
June, 2020
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Elena Ruiz
Germán Granda

The Circular Economy Action Group, the business initiative promoted by Forética in Spain to lead the transition of companies towards a circular economy model, has produced a report entitled "The reality of plastics: myths and truths" [La realidad de los plásticos: Mitos y verdades].

The aim of the report is to ensure a better understanding of plastic waste pollution, thus promoting the foundations of the new plastics economy. It also outlines the actions to be taken in order to improve plastic circularity.

Forética's mission is to promote the integration of social, environmental and good governance aspects in the strategy and management of companies and organisations with one objective: to achieve a sustainable future.