7th Conference on "Young Researchers’ Innovative Ideas: Science – Start-Ups – Industry"

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The seventh conference on Young Researchers’ Innovative Ideas: Science - Start-Ups - Industry will be held online on 27-28 May. The organisers are inviting young researchers and PhD students to prepare presentations about innovative solutions (social, organisational, marketing, product and process-related) relevant to businesses.

The event will focus on the following areas:

  • Circular Economy
  • Mechanics, Mechatronics and Nanotechnologies
  • Management of Mineral Resources
  • Environmental Protection
  • Economics and Management
  • Energy Industry
  • New Information and Communication Technologies
  • Social Responsibility

The development and implementation of innovation is being discussed widely both at EU level and in Poland. Many documents emphasise the need to create a knowledge-based economy by stepping up scientific potential, mobility of academic staff and commercialisation of inventions and innovations. Accordingly, this conference aims to promote innovative solutions which are largely created by young scientists and students.

Three special sessions have been chosen as additional thematic areas. They will showcase the results of projects and open up discussion on the circular economy business model and an additional course on future managers in the raw materials sector:

  1. oto-GOZ – focusing on the shift towards the circular economy at macro, meso and micro level
  2. RMs Manager – Course on raw materials managers
  3. PackAlliance – focusing on developing an education programme on innovative circular economy processes for the future plastics packaging industry.

Participation is free of charge, and participants must complete and submit this form by 10 May 2021.