Assessing the social Impacts of Circular Strategies in the Apparel Value Chain

Assessing the social impact impact of circular strategies
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Book launch for "Social and Cultural Aspects of the Circular Economy: Towards Solidarity", edited By Viktor Pál

During this open and free webinar, the book chapter authors will be sharing some of the insights set out in chapter 9 on "Assessing through a gender-inclusion lens the social impact of circular strategies in the apparel value chain: The Dutch case".

In this chapter, the researchers Lis Suarez Visbal, Claudia Stuckrath and Jesus Rosales Carreon discuss the social ambition of the circular economy in the sector and introduce the Social Impact Assessment Framework for Circular Economy, called SIAF-CE⚥. It assesses social impacts for workers and communities in a gender-disaggregated way. Using the SIAF-CE⚥ framework, practitioners can identify impacts attributed to the implementation of circular strategies on the quality of jobs, and at an individual and community level.

The book launch will take place on 5 April at 13:00 CEST. You can register for the event and pre-order a copy of the book.