Circular aviation in the EU: SUSTAINair's final conference

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SUSTAINair is a project funded by the EU Horizon 2020 programme. It aims to revolutionise aviation through groundbreaking technologies and impactful solutions.

Circular aviation in the EU, SUSTAINair’s final conference, will bring together researchers, industry leaders and stakeholders to discuss the future of aviation sustainability. This flagship event will take place in Vienna on 11-12 June.

There will be a focus on the circular economy’s significance for essential aircraft materials. Understanding the lifecycle of materials, recycling processes and waste reduction will be key for fostering a circular approach in line with global environmental goals.

Participants will see how smart materials, innovative aircraft composition, digital solutions and circular economy principles come together to pave the way to a greener, more resilient future in the skies.

This event will cover SUSTAINair’s sister projects: CAELESTIS, MORPHO, DOMMINIO, RecAL, GENEX and INFINITE. Each of them brings a unique perspective and expertise, and together they contribute to the shared mission of sustainable aviation. There will also be an exhibition on groundbreaking research and the tangible results of sustainable aviation.

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