ENVForum 2023 Conference: Empowering innovation in Asia & Europe - SMEs at the heart of circular transition

The Asia-Europe Environment Forum is a platform for discussion on the circular transition of SMEs. It focuses on ensuring sustainable growth, enhancing economic resilience and reducing the environmental impact of our economies.

One determining factor is the transition of SMEs into a circular economy model through the combined forces of innovation and green finance. During this two-day event, you'll be able to participate in panel discussions and interactive workshops and network with Asian and European experts.

The Asia-Europe Environment Forum (#ENVforum) supports entrepreneurs committed to driving circularity in their businesses. This year, the Forum will be organising a conference on Empowering innovation in Asia & Europe - SMEs at the heart of circular transition, to take place on 21 and 22 November in Brussels. 

The 2023 ENVforum Conference will promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices and foster dialogue. It is geared towards: 

  • business representatives working in the innovation and sustainability sectors and related industries
  • government officials engaged in SME-related issues in Asia and Europe 
  • the community of experts working on the circular economy transition.

The Conference will provide an opportunity to: 

  • show how your SME is a practical example of a company that facilitates the circular transition
  • discuss challenges and barriers and the policy support needed to accelerate the green transition at SME level
  • join the dialogue on enabling factors, strategies and milestones in establishing circular business models.

Registrations are open.