Free ICT Sustainable Leaders Conference: working towards a free, fair and resilient enterprise ICT market

Free ICT Europe Sustainable Leaders Conference
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European providers of ICT products and services, and large end-users
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Free ICT Europe's (FIE) main goal is to secure the right of ownership and the freedom for consumers and businesses alike to freely choose their providers to trade, maintain and repair.

Its main connection with the political agenda and policy makers are the circular economy and the attention for resource efficiency to repair/maintenance, upgrade and reuse/resell. The experts in this area are the independent service providers.

For this Sustainable Leaders Conference on 15 May 2024 (12:00 - 17:30 GMT+1) in Dublin (Ireland), FIE is arranging several non-commercial speakers, plus a look at the following topics (subject to change):

  • Inés Pina Garcia-Galan, Legal Officer, European Commission
  • Jan Hoogstrate and Sergio Fernandes, Free ICT
    • An update on how Free ICT has been able to leverage research and legislative processes to the advantage of the ICT aftermarket.
    • What has FIE achieved in the last 10 years and what is still needed to be done?
    • What does it take for the enterprise end-users to become more sustainable?
    • What will the IT playbook of the near future look like, and how can we align to those strategies?
  • Max Schulze, Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance
    • What is the roadmap, how about sustainable reporting and what to change?
  • End-User panel discussion by Max Schulze
    • Strategies, experience with the secondary market and how can we improve the connection and common goals?