Level(s) virtual conference: reshaping sustainability practices in the built environment

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  • provides built-environment professionals with a common language for assessing buildings' sustainability performance;
  • features objectives and indicators to measure performance at every lifecycle stage;
  • is free to download and use and has been tested extensively across the EU;
  • is designed for projects of all sizes.

The conference on 24 November 2021 (09:30 - 12:30 CET) will introduce new tools to help a variety of professionals use the Level(s) framework to ensure that action taken at the level of individual buildings makes a measurable impact on critical issues such as climate change, the circular economy, climate adaptation and health.

Speakers will:

  • explain how Level(s) impacts EU and national legislation;
  • show how the indicators are used in building projects;
  • show how national certification schemes are aligning with the framework.  

Participants will:

  • learn how Level(s) can enhance a dialogue between design, technical and financial actors in new build and renovation projects;
  • see how Level(s) is impacting EU and national policy and how national certification schemes are aligning with Level(s) indicators;
  • access new tools and e-learning materials;
  • get their questions answered.

The conference is aimed at:

  • professionals involved in the design, planning, financing, execution of building projects,
  • representatives of associations, agencies and
  • public authorities with responsibility for the built-environment (building/construction, real estate etc.)

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