Plastics in Construction Industry - Concrete Ways to Act

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The building and construction sector consumes around 10 million tonnes of plastics in Europe each year, which accounts for 20% of all plastics consumption. This means that there is a huge potential for circular economy. LOOP wanted to find out what concrete ways there are both to reduce the use of plastics and to increase reuse and circularity of plastics.

Together with Premico, Lujatalo and Ara, Municipality Finland and the Ministry of Environment, LOOP dived deep into one residential construction project called Metsäkissa and collected examples of concrete ways to act. For example, how is plastic sorted at the moment and how can investors, buyers and builders have an impact on the use and circularity of plastics in residential building projects?

LOOP will share these findings in a webinar on 19 May from 11:00 till 12:00 CEST to encourage everyone to take action. Besides the outcome of its own work, LOOP also wanted to showcase a startup taking giant leaps in making the construction industry more circular and invited RETEX Panels to share how they are closing the loop for plastics in the construction industry. RETEX is the first company to utilise reprocessed textile, plastic and rubber waste in making construction materials on a large scale. And of course LOOP wants to hear what other stakeholders have to say about this.

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