Preparation of a circular construction/infrastructure project - an investors' perspective

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This EUCircularTalks event on “Preparation of a circular construction/infrastructure project - an investors' perspective" took place on 15 December at 10:00 - 12:30 CET

The webinar has reached out to investors and financial professionals, sustainability and CSR officers, policy makers, urban planners and city officials, academics and researchers in the field of circular construction and infrastructure.

Circular construction and infrastructure projects are at the forefront of sustainable development in the XXI century. These projects are vital for addressing environmental concerns but they also offer significant financial opportunities for investors. However, with the introduction of Corporate Sustainability Responsibility Directive (CSRD) reporting, investors are now faced with the challenge of aligning their investments with the new sustainability standards.



  • A scientific focus on the intricate financial aspects of construction projects and the critical challenge of lifecycle costing and its essential role in calculating the positive impact of circularity within construction projects.
  • A policy focus on the new Taxonomy and the CSRD that will have an important impact on investors and the construction sector.
  •  A financial focus on how banks use the Taxonomy and CSRD obligations to support more sustainable projects. How investors such as cities use procurement criteria to make their buildings more circular was also explored.
  • An SME focus from a supplier of circular products and services.
  • A research focus on an experiment that takes away the prejudice that reusing building materials is more expensive.

General information, agenda and bios are all available here