A series of workshops on Nutrient recycling policy by the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform

The European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform (ESPP) will hold a series of workshops on Nutrient recycling policy in Brussels and online on 12-14 March 2024

Their objectives are:

  • to elaborate ambitious, feasible and consensus proposals for regulatory targets for phosphorus and nitrogen reuse-recycling from municipal wastewater and
  • to identify policy tools to support market pull for recycled nutrients which could achieve consensus across industry and users.

As an example, the meeting on Day 1 aims to develop proposals for the following “reuse and recycling rates”:

  • What are feasible “rates” for phosphorus and nitrogen recovery?
  • How should these “rates” be defined? as % of the waste water treatment plant inflow? as % in sludge or ash?
  • Should the “rates” be different for waste water treatment plants of different size or configuration?
  • How should “reuse and recycling” be defined? Should it include treated sludge use in agriculture (biosolids to land). If so, under what conditions, e.g. quality/contaminants or plant nutrient availability?
  • Should “reuse” and “recycling” be addressed differently depending on context: size of wastewater treatment works, regional context, etc.?
  • Should quality/functional requirements be specified for recovered nutrient products?

More information is available here.