Which sustainable future for plastic?

Plastic future
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An increasing number of stakeholders, researchers, producers, industrialists, retailers, waste management companies, public and private organizations are investing effort and money into strategic plans to deploy more sustainable innovative models.

The Plastic Future project was launched in May 2018 by the organising partners. Since then, a couple of private and public partners have also come to support this initiative.

This conference aims to stimulate the debate and share knowledge about initiatives that rethink the way Plastic is produced, used and discarded. Topics include:

  • What are the most promising research projects?
  • Could we live without polymers?
  • How could actors engage in efficient change programs?
  • What are the potential collaborations between players to set the pace for radical model transformations?
  • What are the effective partnerships between public and private players to “make it happen”?
  • How to align stakeholders’ energies to deploy best practices in Belgium, Europe and around the world?
  • What opportunities could this hold for our planet and… our economies?

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