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The European perspective on Circular Economy in Colombia

XI International Environmental Congress
23 Oct 2018

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On 23 and 24 October 2018 the XI International Environmental Congress took place in Bogotà, Colombia. The focus was on innovation in climate finance and in the market dynamics as a determinant tool to face climate change and to achieve GHG emissions reduction commitments. In this context Circular Economy is seen as an innovative response to unsustainable consumption and production patterns, aimed at preserving and improving natural capital, optimizing resources use and encouraging efficiency.

CIllian Lohan, member of the European Economic and Social Committee and CEO of the Green Economy Foundation, was one of the speakers at the Congress as a representative of ECESP. "Circular Economy is a tool to help achieve global sustainability and balanced prosperity for all" he declared. "Circular Economy is about systemic change and not just tinkering around the edges": this was the core message he transmitted to the audience.

Luis Neves, CEO of GeSIConnect, also had a thought provoking talk on the role of technology in supporting high quality of life in a transition to a sustainable future.