Food and feed safety vulnerabilities in a circular economy: EFSA call for stakeholders

27 Jul 2021
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On 12 July 2021, EFSA launched a call for expression of interest in the context of a two-year project aimed at identifying potential emerging risks to food and feed safety in the transition to a circular economy. The project’s objective is to help ensure that food and feed safety and environmental health considerations are taken into account at an early stage of research or policy initiatives.

EFSA is looking to build a network of partners and stakeholders with whom to engage through various activities such as workshops, events, consultations, etc. in order to identify challenges for future risk assessments and explore possible synergies, opportunities, conflicts and trade-offs between environmental and food safety policies, objectives and actions. 

For this network, EFSA aims to attract a wide range of organisations, including:

  • From Europe and beyond
  • From across the food value chain/system
  • Farmers, businesses, NGOs, consumers, academia and research, public bodies, etc.
  • With expertise in human/animal/plant health and/or environmental and climate issues.

For further details on this call and to register, please follow this link