MeetingPack announces the MP2022 Awards to recognize innovation and sustainability in barrier food packaging

19 Jan 2022
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Barrier packaging is a challenge for the circular economy. The condition of food when it reaches the consumer and its shelf life depend largely on the atmosphere inside the packaging. The latest research trends are aimed at making advances in barrier packaging, which protects the product from external factors such as light, humidity and oxygen in order to delay spoilage, regardless of the use of additives.

In a global context with a clear commitment to environmental sustainability, the industry is faced with the challenge of using packaging that extends food’s shelf life and guarantees its safety, while having the least possible impact on the environment. 

The requirements this scenario imposes on the industry make up the core content of the fifth edition of MeetingPack, the biennial event organized by AINIA and AIMPLAS, which attracts members of the entire packaging value chain. With the title Barrier Packaging Solutions in the Circular Economy, the event will encourage discussion on the challenges and opportunities that the circular economy poses to the barrier food packaging sector.

MeetingPack has announced its MP2022 Awards as a new feature of this year’s edition, that will take place in Valencia, Spain, on 20-21 April 2022.

The awards are aimed to reward innovations by experts and organizations in the development of barrier packaging and sustainability solutions to be applied in the food industry.

The call for nominations is targeted at national and international companies that manufacture materials and films, sheets, preforms, packaging, packaging equipment, and recycling and packaging systems whose innovations are contributing sustainable solutions to industry development.

This first edition of the awards will feature two categories:

  1. flexible packaging solutions (films) and
  2. rigid packaging solutions (trays and bottles).

These innovations can be applicable to any field in the industry, including materials, packaging, equipment and processes. 

Nominations may be submitted until 14 February 2022 on the form available on the MeetingPack website. They will be evaluated by a jury of experts from different organizations who are members of the event’s scientific and organization committee, as well as leading experts in the fields of business, public administration and science. The innovation’s applications and impact will be considered, as well as its sustainability. Three finalists will be selected for each category.

The awards ceremony will be held at the MP2022 Awards dinner on 20 April. At least one person from each company submitting a nomination must attend MeetingPack 2022.