Transition pathway for the textiles ecosystem - Call for commitments

Transition pathway for the textiles ecosystem
11 Sep 2023
Key Area

The Transition Pathway for the Textiles Ecosystem was published on 6 June 2023. It is an EU initiative which seeks to build a greener, more circular and digital future for the textiles ecosystem and to make it more resilient and competitive. The pathway, the outcome of a co-creation process with stakeholders, is a comprehensive framework that identifies specific actions.

50 actions have been outlined within eight building blocks, with a timeframe for implementation and a clear picture of the key actors involved. The European Commission is now calling on all stakeholders to contribute to the ongoing call for commitments. Commitments can be made by stakeholders to support specific actions in the textiles pathway, such as implementing the EU Pact for Skills, taking part in the textiles network of European Digital Innovation Hubs, promoting circular and sustainability practices and supporting the creation of sorting and recycling hubs.

More information.

You can contribute to the implementation of the Textiles Ecosystem Transition Pathway here. The initial deadline for submitting commitments is 30 September 2023 for a first stock-taking exercise.