Waste Framework Directive revised

15 Feb 2022
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The European Commission is currently working on a revision of the Waste Framework Directive that lays down some basic waste management principles. Preventing waste is the preferred option, and sending waste to landfill should be the last resort. It is required that waste be managed without:

  • endangering human health and harming the environment
  • risk to water, air, soil, plants or animals
  • causing a nuisance through noise or odours and
  • without adversely affecting the countryside or places of special interest







The current revision aims to improve the overall environmental outcome of waste management in line with the waste hierarchy and the implementation of the polluter pays principle. It will focus on the following policy areas:

  • prevention
  • separate collection
  • waste oils and
  • textiles.  

The call for evidence is now open for feedback until 22 February 2022.