Local stakeholder board meeting? Learn from the Biowaste Club with this Playbook

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A Biowaste Club is an institutionalised platform for multi-stakeholder engagement. Members of the Biowaste Club are all local and regional actors along the biowaste value chain, such as waste management companies, research institutions, public authorities, etc.

Biowaste Club meetings take place twice a year, set-up and formats can vary, depending on the local needs and, consequently, on the agenda. This manual HOw to BiOwaste Club Playbook is a HOOP guide for planning and conducting local stakeholder board meetings. It is designed to support users on how to plan and conduct a Biowaste Club meeting in their cities or regions.

Thus, the manual will help:

  • Understand the overall structure and function of local Biowaste Clubs
  • Plan and conduct effective stakeholder engagement
  • Grasp what tools can be used to facilitate fruitful exchanges at Biowaste Club meetings
  • Adapt meetings to a virtual setting.

For more information have a look at this video.