Unique wristbands that reduce 'ghostfishing'

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Bracenet is an innovative fashion accessory brand, that collects so-called ghost nets from more than 30m underneath the ocean surface with its partners Healthy Seas and Ghost Fishing. They send these nets to Nofir AS, a Norwegian company which entangles and cleans them (without any chemicals) so that they can be upclyced to bracelets  - the Bracenet.

In order to produce the least waste as possible, the Bracenets are made out of the original ghost nets without changing the structure or color patterns. Nets that cannot be processed to Bracenets are turned into fibre by Nofir AS for other textile products such as carpets.

The Bracenet team itself and four collaborating workshops that employ disabled people manufacture the final bracelets – these are handcrafted in Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia.

For more information about the company and its recovery of discarded nets to protect marine life, view the video below:

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Bracenet actively contributes to protecting marine life, and distributes 10% of its sales to Healthy Seas to further support the collection of marine waste.

The company has also received a Green Product Audience Award in 2019, and is raising awareness about ghostfishing with its #ecofluencer campaign.