BioRegions Forum 2018 - Visions, approaches and experiences in the forest circular bioeconomy

The Forest Bioeconomy Regions Forum (Bioregions Forum) - Visions, approaches and experiences in the forest circular bioeconomy - will take place in Barcelona on 13 November 2018. Hosted by the Region of Catalonia and co-organised by CTFC, EFI, Region of North Karelia (Finland), ERIAFF and the CoR, it will provide an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences among regions and actors in the policy-science-society interface.

The Forum will address the following themes:

  • developing regional bioeconomy strategies
  • building bioeconomy in smart specialisation strategies and rural development plans
  • creating an enabling policy environment, including improved access to finance and market development
  • strengthening research, development and innovation ecosystems
  • integrating biodiversity and environmental services in bioeconomy
  • assessing the impacts of EU and national policies and regulations
  • visioning, communicating and engaging society in the bioeconomy.

The Forum will combine plenary sessions to showcase successful regional approaches with thematic work groups to facilitate networking and knowledge exchange around specific themes. It is addressed to regional policy makers, entrepreneurs, scientists, media, civil society and NGO representatives.

The event is free, but you need to to enrol here.