'Circular Cities Week' by the Circular Economy Club takes place in +80 cities worldwide.

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The Circular Economy Club (CEC) celebrates its inaugural "Circular Cities Week" event from 28 October - 3 November 2019.

The goal of the event: to push, with a united voice, for the design and implementation of circular economy strategies in cities worldwide. This effort coincides with the United Nations World Cities Day on Oct. 31.

“Circular Cities Week” is slated to be an annual, decentralized global event. During the week, CEC City Organizers in more than 80 cities will organize workshops—with tools provided by the CEC —to identify opportunities and next steps to encourage implementation of the circular economy in their cities. This process will bring in stakeholders from city governments, private and nonprofit sectors, and academia.

The objectives of the week are twofold:

  1. convince and support city governments to publish a local circular economy strategy plan with clear goals for their city; and
  2. create an open-source report of challenges, opportunities and next steps for all the participating cities.

"We hope CEC 'Circular Cities Week' empowers circularity supporters with tools to lead circularity efforts in their region,” said Anna Tari, CEC founder.